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Jul 25, 2022
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1、 Overview of shaft seal free centrifugal pump Shaft seal free centrifugal pump is also known as packing free centrifugal pump. It is usually a vertical canned motor or a horizontal canned motor, which is driven by a wet winding motor without a shielding pad. In this case, the pump and motor share a pressure pump housing, and there is a heat shield between the pump parts and the motor parts. The heat shield can be active or passive. The allowable medium temperature is as high as 420 ℃ 2、 Characteristics of shaft seal free centrifugal pump The bearing is lubricated by discharging medium. In practice, there is no limit to the system pressure, because the total leakage rate is slightly higher than the mark, so it can be used for dangerous media or valuable media. 3、 Special form of shaft seal free centrifugal pump The special form of shaft seal free centrifugal pump is designed according to the application purpose. ·Special impellers for liquid and gas mixtures or suspended solids ·Sealing system specially used for nuclear reactor technology or sealing system with protective gas gasket ·Heating device specially used for quick condensing fluid, such as hot water circulating pump ·Protective cover with abrasion protection vacuum unit of cooling cycle process Liquid ring vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer


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