Mango Bay Phu Quoc is ranked as one of World Most beautiful Jungle Resorts

The leading American travel magazine selected Mango Bay Resort in Phu Quoc in the top of the most beautiful forest resorts in the world.

According to American magazine, the large-scale development has turned Phu Quoc from a paradise of remote jungles into a hot spot of tourism activities such as big-brand hotels, 5-star resorts, clubs or casino...On the other hand, there are still units interested in ecotourism like Mango Bay. This resort is like an "oasis" on the beach, built with sustainable materials exploited locally such as wood, soil, lime, gravel... Attention to energy and water resources, nature conservation can be seen everywhere such as using water-saving toilets, composting, outdoor bathrooms, smart bed cooling systems (avoid using air conditioners).

The architecture here is a strong statement for the preservation of nature, not changing or destroying it no matter how much benefits the economic could gain to the resort. Just by opening the door to step out of your bungalow, you will touch the nature with a feeling of walking into a forest. This is far different from most resorts in Vietnam that try to offer miniatures. Mango Bay resort gives us the taste of wildness and gentleness by offering bungalows that are built amongst trees. All designs endorse nature: brown wooden houses, thatched roofs... immersed in the green unspoiled trees overlooking the natural beach.

Here is what Travel + Leisure say about Mango Bay Resort:

Large-scale development in the early aughts transformed Phú Quốc, Vietnam's biggest island, from a remote jungle paradise to a hotbed of tourist activity: big-brand hotels, five-star resorts, clubs, and even casinos. There is an eco-minded flip side to all that tourist hubbub, one exemplified by places like Mango Bay. The beachside bungalow oasis was built using sustainable materials, including local woods and rammed earth. Dedication to energy, water, and nature conservation is found at every corner, from composting to low-water toilets in the (open-air) bathrooms to beds cooled by a low-energy alternative to traditional AC.

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