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5 stunning local dishes to try in Sai Gon

Saigon is such heaven for food where we can actually taste different cuisine of all regions in Vietnam. Let AskLocals take you around the city to enjoy more!

Here are very very authentic dishes - we can assure you:

1. Ba Lu Café

A little coffee shop lies in the corner of Phung Hung market area but has existed for 60 years. Roasted coffee is grounded right at the shop and put into filter bags then simmered in traditional pots at high temperatures. It brings the coffee a very special slight flavour without leaving your throat an intense feeling in the space full of advertising calling from sellers, bargaining sounds and even chopping meat from the next door. If lucky enough, you'll see people making roasted coffee in a wood stove. It's very interesting!

Address: 193 Phung Hung, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City Business time: 6:00 - 16:00 Price: 15,000vnd

2. Pho Phu Vuong

Pho is a specialty of Vietnamese cuisine which is can be found everywhere in the city. At Pho Phu Vuong, they serves the best Pho that Askvietnamese has ever eaten. We love its rich beef broth and tender meat. Together with traditional black soy sauce, Pho in Pho Phu Vuong is so delicious. Average price: 60,000 VND per serving.

Address: 120 Nguyen Thai Binh, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Business time: 6:00 - 22:00 Price: 65,000 - 80,000vnd

3. Mixed Rice Papers (Streetfood Snack) - Mr.Vien Shop

Mix rice paper is really a top snack in Saigon, not only addictive to young people even middle-aged people also have to miss the attractive taste of it. You can easily find the street vendors or the truck mix with rice paper mixed with topping comes. Nguyen Thuong Hien Street is known as "The mixed rice paper street in Saigon" with dozens of rice paper shops close together, including Chu Vien rice paper shop, which can be said to be the oldest and best quality shop on the road. this. It can take up to 25 minutes for you to enjoy a portion including: rice paper, dried beef, dried squid, laksa leaves, mango, chili peppers, special beef sauce and some quail eggs ... All this material will be mixed together to combine into a quite attractive flavor.

Address: 38 Nguyen Thuong Hien, Ward 5, District 3, HCMC Business time: 11:30 - 19:00 Price: 20,000 -35,000 VND

4. Vietnamese Fish Paste Hotpot - Ms.Sen

From the greeting gate of crowded Vinh Khanh street, walking a bit further until you see on your left there is a big sign "LAU MAM - BUN MAM" on the pavement. In here, they serve Bun Mam, femented fish paste noodle, which is a familiar dish of the Southwest people with its salty taste and slightly flavor which will be an interesting challenge for foreign visitors. Although it is just a popular restaurant, the side dishes are very good with crayfish, squid, octopus, fish head, roasted pork, fish ball .. fresh and quite large portion. Do not forget to ask for a cup of tamarind sauce and add some chili to dot with the side dishes. The special thing here is free vermicelli, if you still have a craving for it, please feel free to ask.

Address: 190D Vinh Khanh, Ward 10, District 4 Business time: 17:00 -22:00 Price:

  • bowl: 70,000VND

  • hotpot: 200,000 - 300,000 VND

5. Balut/ duck embryo - Kim Thao

Duck embryo (or known as Balut) is on the list of the 10 most terrifying dishes on the planet, but this is one of the most popular snack of Saigonese. You can easily find eggs in the trolleys around West Quarter, Bui Vien in the evening or go to Kim Thao shop in District 2 to experience. This place is known as the best sugary egg shop in Saigon, always crowded. One here costs 10k, a bit high compared to the common ground, but the quality is extremely commensurate because the eggs are boiled with fresh coconut water and salt of the restaurant.

Address: 104 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC Business time: 15:00 -23:00 Price: 10,000 VND

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