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Is it easy to use Grab in Vietnam?

The answer is: Not really!!!

It is very easy for Vietnamese but not so much for foreigners as a certain mastery of Vietnamese is needed to take the drivers. In Vietnam, Grab offers Grab Bike service which is cheaper than Grab Car because bikes/motorcycles are the most popular vehicle in Vietnam. It is useful to have addresses and a few translated phrases written down to show the driver. It is also advisable to set your pick-up location to spots with Wi-Fi/3G signals. When you book a Grab bike, the driver often calls via your phone number provided to confirm the pick-up location

Here are some sample texts that may come in handy:

  • Tôi không biết Tiếng Việt: I don’t speak Vietnamese

  • Tôi đang ở.... : I am standing in...

Credit to Chrisgel Ryan Cruz

A tip for you: You can look around and ask a local to help you (to communicate to the Grab driver in your phone). Most people would understand and be happy to help.

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